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Watch: President Donald Trump Announces Future Liberty Football Opponents In Commencement Speech

On Saturday, President Donald Trump announced Liberty's future football opponents in his commencement speech to the class of 2017.

On Saturday, Donald Trump gave the commencement speech to Liberty University's class of 2017, and in the middle of his address, he took time to shoutout the Liberty football team, which will make the leap into the FBS during the 2019 season.

As a part of the transition process, the school will take on several high-level FBS opponents during the 2018 season. Trump took the time to read some of them off.

Check it out:

“Jerry (Fallwell Jr.), are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Trump said while reading off the scheduled games. “Auburn? I don’t know about that. This could be trouble.”

Here's a sampling of Liberty's scheduled opponents moving forward. The Flames will travel to Auburn (2018), Virginia (2018, 2019), Rutgers (2019) Virginia Tech (2020), Ole Miss (2021) and Wake Forest (2022, 2026).

Liberty will host Wake Forest in 2025 and Virginia in 2027.