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EA Sports Reportedly "Very Interested" In Creating New NCAA Football

ea sports ncaa football cover

The cover of EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 with Michigan's Denard Robinson.

Earlier this week, the NCAA teased college football fans everywhere with its latest announcement. The NCAA revealed the board appointed a working group to examine name, image and likeness of its student-athletes.

The move came in response to issues highlighted in recently proposed federal and state legislation.

Why is that news significant? Well, for fans of the NCAA Football video game it means a return of the game is possible.

After the video game made a return in Madden this year, some thought there could be a path for it to return on its own.

Lawsuits of athletes likeness were what led to the downfall of the game.

With the NCAA's blessing, a revival of the franchise is possible.

According to a statement from NCAA Football Executive Producer Ben Haumiller to 247Sports, EA Sports is "very interested" in reviving the game.

"We loved making college football games. If the opportunity ever presented itself we’d be very interested in potentially getting back into that space."

Of course the video game company would be interested in making millions off of the new edition of the game. It was one of the most-popular sports games on the market and would dominate sales with a return.

Stay tuned.