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Early Score Predictions For Week 1 Games

Here are some early score predictions for Week 1's biggest games.

Who's ready for college football to get here? We're only a couple of weeks away.

College Football News is.

They've made some early score predictions for the top Week 1 games.

Here are some of them.

Ohio State at Indiana, Thursday, Aug. 31

Pick: Ohio State 31, Indiana 16

Notre Dame vs. Temple, Saturday, Sept. 2

Pick: Notre Dame 37, Temple 20

Clemson vs. Kent State, Saturday, Sept. 2

Pick: Clemson 44, Kent State 10

Nebraska vs. Arkansas State, Saturday, Sept. 2

Pick: Nebraska 37, Arkansas State 16

Michigan vs. Florida, Saturday, Sept. 2

Pick: Michigan 23, Florida 16

Alabama vs. Florida State, Saturday, Sept. 2

Pick: Alabama 31, Florida State 27

Texas A&M at UCLA, Sunday, Sept. 3

Pick: UCLA 37, Texas A&M 31

Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech, Monday, Sept. 4

Pick: Tennessee 28, Georgia Tech 23

You can view their full picks here.