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CFB Refs Flub Huge Call On Field Goal In Tie Game

A general view of the goal post during a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans.

PITTSBURGH - SEPTEMBER 07: A general view of the goal post during a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans on September 7, 2008 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The FCS' spring season is finally upon us. With it, several college football refs made one of the worst calls you'll ever see Saturday evening. The Eastern Washington Eagles traveled to the Kibbie Dome to take on the Idaho Vandals on Saturday. The game served as both team's season-opener.

The game was tied at 21 apiece late in the fourth quarter when Eastern Washington attempted a field goal. The kick went through the uprights, but one of the refs responsible for making the call deemed the kick no good. Why? When the kick traveled through the uprights, it hit the scoreboard at the Kibbie Dome which caused it to ricochet, as if it had hit one of the field goal posts.

Upon closer review, replay shows the ref who made the call wasn't even in proper position to make the call as he was late getting to his assignment. Despite further conversation between the officials, they confirmed the field goal no good, keeping the game tied at 21 for the time being.

Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself.

It looks like we have a new contender for one of the worst calls in football history. To make matters worse, the Vandals went on to score a late fourth quarter touchdown to beat the Eagles 28-21. The FCS and Saturday's refs owe Eastern Washington a major apology. At this point, though, it won't do much good. [

Uhhh Eastern Washington’s kicker just kicked a 22-yard field goal and something happened and the ball hit the scoreboard after going through the uprights and the refs got confused and just looked around and called it no good. Holy shit this is worse than the 5th down.

— Graham Coffey (@DawgOutWest) February 28, 2021

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