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ESPN: Alabama, Ohio State Only Teams With Double-Digit National Title Percentage

There are two clear national title favorites according to ESPN.

According to ESPN's FiveThirtyEight college football predictions, it's Alabama, Ohio State and then everyone else when it comes to the national title race.

There are two teams with a better than 10 percent chance to win the national title this year - the Crimson Tide and the Buckeyes.

Alabama is the overwhelming favorite at this point, with a 29 percent chance to win it all. Ohio State has a decent shot, too, with a 12 percent chance.

No other team has a double-digit percentage.

Penn State and Georgia have the next-best odds, with 9 percent and 8 percent chances, respectively.

There are then five teams with a 5 percent or better chance - Wisconsin, Clemson, TCU, Oklahoma and Washington.

You can view the full odds here.