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ESPN Analyst Goes Off On College Football's Transfer Rules

A general view of Georgia's football stadium.

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 15: A general view of Sanford Stadium during the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on September 15, 2018 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

This weekend, the NCAA denied the request of a hardship waiver to former Georgia tight end Luke Ford, who transferred to Illinois to be closer to his ailing grandfather.

Not surprisingly, the NCAA is taking heat for this ruling. After all, when Justin Fields transferred from Georgia to Ohio State and Tate Martell went from Ohio State to Miami, they were approved for waivers.

In those cases, both players were quarterbacks looking for more playing time. Ford has a legitimate family situation he's dealing with.

The inconsistency of the NCAA's decision-making has been criticized by many, and you can add ESPN's David Pollack to that list. A former Georgia star, Pollack expressed his frustration with the NCAA in an interview with Dawg Nation.

“Fields versus Luke Ford, guys that were at Georgia, what determines who gets it (immediate eligibility)?” Pollack said. “Somebody’s family is sick (Ford’s grandfather), or somebody has a reason to go back home and they get a ‘no,’ and somebody else that doesn’t really have a reason gets a ‘yes.’ That drives you nuts for the kids.

“Some people get waivers, some people don’t, and it makes absolutely no sense.”

It is tough to argue with Pollack's basic logic here. Does the NCAA want consistency, or is it simply interested in protected the interests of bigger programs and being arbitrary with its rulings?

Unfortunately, players like Ford get the shaft in these situations, and it's unfair.

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