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ESPN Analysts Pick The Team Most-Likely To Beat Alabama

Who can beat Alabama?

ESPN college football analysts Paul Finebaum and Greg McElroy attempted to answer that question on College Football Live today.

Finebaum went with Clemson, while McElroy went with Michigan.

Their reasoning.


"I think it’s Clemson," Finebaum said. "It’s not the same Clemson team as we saw last year and it's not the same Alabama team, but Deshaun Watson is still there. I saw him put a lot of points on the board against Alabama and I think he can do it again."


"To me, it’s Michigan," McElroy said. "I look at Alabama and they’re really good running the football with Jalen Hurts. Michigan’s strength is stopping the run and if these two teams were to meet, it would be at the end of December and they’d have weeks to formulate a defensive game plan.

"I think with Don Brown the defensive coordinator and Jim Harbaugh being the mastermind he is, that team right now would stand up to be the biggest test against Alabama."

Alabama, undefeated and ranked No. 1, has a bye on Saturday before traveling to Baton Rouge, La. to face LSU.