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ESPN Computer Predicts Every Top 10 Team's 1st Loss

Here's when every team in the top 10 will lose their first game.

Every college football team is 0-0 right now.

That won't last for long, though.

The 2017 season is approaching quick, only a couple of weeks away, and soon, your favorite team is, probably, going to have a loss.

When are the losses coming for the country's best teams?

Here are the predictions for the top 10 teams, according to ESPN's FPI.

1. Alabama: No loss. Best chance: Nov. 24 at Auburn (44.5 percent)

2. Ohio State: No loss. Best chance: Week 2 vs. Oklahoma (22.8 percent)

3. Florida State: Week 1 vs. Alabama

4. USC: Week 8 at Notre Dame

5. Clemson: Week 10 vs. FSU

6. Penn State: Week 9 at Ohio State

7. Washington: Week 10 at Stanford

8. Oklahoma: Week 2 at Ohio State

9. Michigan: Week 1 vs. Florida

10. Wisconsin: No loss. Best chance: Nov. 18 vs. Michigan (31.4 percent chance)

You can view the full predictions here.