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ESPN Envisions Scenario In Which Wisconsin Is Left Out Of The Playoff

Here's how the Badgers could get left out of the playoff.

ESPN envisioned a bunch of crazy College Football Playoff scenarios today.

One of them: an undefeated Big 10 champion getting left out.

ESPN thinks it's at least possible that a 13-0 Wisconsin team could finish outside of the top four of the College Football Playoff selection committee's rankings.

It's hard to imagine an undefeated Power 5 conference champion being left out. So why would the committee do it? Because there is another champ with a tougher schedule. So far, Wisconsin has beaten zero opponents with records above .500. No non-conference wins against Power 5 teams. Opponents are a combined 16-23. The Badgers are like the mirror image of 2015 Iowa. The Hawkeyes lost to Michigan State in the Big Ten title game that year, though, so the committee has never had to consider the possibility of leaving an undefeated league champ out -- at least not yet, anyway. One thing is for sure: With a schedule like Wisconsin's, there's no margin for error.

If Wisconsin finishes 13-0 with a win over an undefeated Penn State or an 11-1 Ohio State team, it's almost impossible to imagine them getting left out.