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ESPN Forgot Texas A&M No Longer Resides In Big 12 Conference

ESPN lists Texas A&M in Big 12.

ESPN might want this one back.

Saturday morning Jimbo Fisher joined College GameDay for a brief segment to discuss why he left Florida State for Texas A&M.

After Rece Davis asked Fisher why he left, ESPN put up a graphic showing Fisher's record against Big 12 opponents during his time with the Seminoles.

There's only one problem with that. Texas A&M isn't in the Big 12, and hasn't been since the Aggies left for the SEC in 2012.

Why show Fisher's record against a conference he isn't going to play? The only explanation is that ESPN forgot Texas A&M moved to the SEC. Instead, the network should have shown Fisher's record against SEC opponents, since he'll be playing SEC programs.

Fisher was 10-2 against SEC programs during his seven seasons at Florida State.