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Here’s How ESPN Thinks Each Conference Will Look At Season’s End

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After five weeks, here is how ESPN's Football Power Index has things shaking out in the Power Five conferences.

The FPI projects every game moving forward this season, based on the current results.

Of course, this is all computer projections, and it is hard to see these exact results shaking out. In total, there are five teams that are projected to run the table in the regular season: Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Based on these, we'd get Clemson vs. Miami in the ACC title game, Ohio State and Wisconsin in the Big Ten for a likely trip to the College Football Playoff, Oklahoma vs. TCU in a rematch for the Big 12 title, Washington vs. USC in the Pac-12, and Alabama vs. Georgia in the SEC.

Here are the full projected standings:

ESPN's conference predictions.