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ESPN FPI's Picks For Rivalry Games

Here's who the FPI likes in the Rivalry Week games.

Summer is here and the college football preseason is just around the corner.

Soon, August will be here and teams will be reporting to camp, and before you know it, games will have started.

No games are better than rivalry games.

Here's who ESPN's FPI is picking to win the biggest rivalry games of the year.

Ohio State at Michigan

Winner: Ohio State

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Winner: Mississippi State

Iowa at Nebraska

Winner: Iowa

Oregon State at Oregon

Winner: Oregon

West Virginia at Oklahoma

Winner: Oklahoma

Notre Dame at Stanford

Winner: Stanford

Alabama at Auburn

Winner: Alabama

FSU at Florida

Winner: FSU

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Winner: Georgia

Louisville at Kentucky

Winner: Louisville

Clemson at South Carolina

Winner: Clemson

You can view full predictions from ESPN's FPI here.