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ESPN: Here's The 'Easiest' Schedule In College Football In 2018

Kirk Herbstreit talking on ESPN.

The 2018 college football season is approaching fast. It's time to start looking at strength of schedule rankings.

Which college football program has one of the easiest schedules in the country? Oregon. The Ducks' schedule ranks the easiest out of all of the Power 5 teams. It's No. 65 in the country.

The non-conference games are laughable: Bowling Green, San Jose State and Portland State. All of those games are coming at home.

In the conference, Oregon avoids USC. Tough games against Stanford and Washington come at home.

Here's the full schedule:

Oregon 2018 schedule

This is Oregon's 2018 football schedule.

Oregon should be good in 2018, assuming the Ducks have health at the quarterback position (which they did not in 2017).

With this schedule, they should be better than expected. A lot better, maybe.

You can view the full strength of schedule rankings here.