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ESPN: Jim McElwain Or Butch Jones Will Be On Hot Seat After Saturday's Game

One of these two coaches will be on the "hot seat" soon.

This Saturday features a matchup of SEC rivals that could determine which coach is on the hot seat come Sunday.

Florida and Tennessee are scheduled to play each other on Saturday.

According to ESPN's Alex Scarborough, the coach who loses on Saturday will find themselves on the hot seat Sunday morning.

We won't bore you too much with No. 23 Tennessee's trip to No. 24 Florida other than to say that a) neither team deserves to be ranked in the top 25, and b) the losing team's head coach will wake up Sunday morning on the hot seat.

It's bad news for the loser of Saturday's game, but not surprising, given the struggles McElwain and Jones have had. Expectations are high on both programs, and a subpar season for either one of these coaches could be his last.

McElwain has a little more wiggle room than Jones, but with a talent pool like Florida, results are in demand.