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ESPN Lays Out The Big Ten's "Disaster" Scenario

This is the disaster scenario for the Big Ten.

ESPN laid out today the "dream" and "disaster" College Football Playoff scenarios for each of the major conferences.

Here's the "disaster" scenario for the Big Ten:

Three-loss Ohio State wins the Big Ten. The Buckeyes have already clinched the East, but if they lose in Ann Arbor to rival Michigan on Saturday and then beat the Badgers to win the conference championship game, the Big Ten might be left out entirely. Wisconsin has the weakest strength of schedule in the Top 25, so one loss -- even in the championship game -- could be a CFP dagger. Especially if the teams ranked ahead of Wisconsin all season -- Alabama, Clemson, Miami and Oklahoma -- each finish with one loss or better. According to FiveThirtyEight, a one-loss Wisconsin team has an 8 percent chance to make the playoff, compared with a 63 percent chance for a two-loss Ohio State.

If Wisconsin doesn't win out, the Badgers definitely aren't making it. Ohio State remains in contention, but obviously can't lose to Michigan.

You can view all of the scenarios here.