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ESPN Lists 2 SEC Contests Among 7 Legendary College Football Games That Shouldn't Move

Some college football games are fine just the way they are.

That's the way ESPN feels, at least. ESPN SEC writer Edward Aschoff compiled a list of seven college football games that should never be moved.

On Ashoff's ranking is a pair of SEC contests: the annual Florida-Georgia clash in Jacksonville, and the conference championship game, which has been played at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta since 1994.

Here is what Aschoff said about the two games:

The sport's first two conference championships were at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1992 and 1993. But since 1994, Atlanta and the Georgia Dome have embraced the SEC title game. Atlanta is the center of the SEC universe, with the majority of universities being within seven hours of driving distance. It might be moving to a posh new home in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but taking this game out of Atlanta would be criminal.

One of the great rivalries in college football, Florida-Georgia (or Georgia-Florida) was first played in Jacksonville in 1915. But it wasn't the permanent home for the rivalry until 1933. It was played there uninterrupted until a home-and-home series was set in 1994-95 because of stadium renovations. From the view coming over the Hart Bridge toward the stadium to the nighttime mayhem at The Landing, this game is a must-see for any college football enthusiast.

We see no issue with Aschoff's arguments. They may have taken away the World's Largest Cocktail Party nickname, but the Florida-Georgia showdown should never be removed from Jacksonville.

Also, teams in the SEC have made "getting to Atlanta" a goal for over two decades, so there's no reason to mess with that now.