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ESPN Names Michigan’s ‘Must-Win Game’ Of 2017 Season

The Wolverines can’t afford to lose this game if they want to make a run to the Big Ten title game.

One loss is okay. More than that? Almost disastrous. Last year Michigan lost two games in the regular season, which knocked it out of contention for the Big Ten title game. The Wolverines hope to escape that fate this year.

Well, ESPN named Michigan’s most important game to win this season, if it wants to make a run in the Big Ten during the 2017 season.

From ESPN:

Must-win game: Nov. 25 vs. Ohio State. Only one head coach in Michigan’s history has lost his first three meetings with rival Ohio State: Rich Rodriguez. That’s not good company to keep for Jim Harbaugh, who has been largely considered a godsend for the Wolverines. Ultimately, though, Michigan shelled out for Harbaugh to win championships and beat Urban Meyer in the process. In that regard, the school is still waiting for a full return on investment. The 2016 version of The Game (a controversial, double-overtime Buckeyes victory) is about as close as a team can get to winning without actually winning. In order to feel like things are still moving forward in Ann Arbor, no game will be as important in the coming year as Meyer & Co.'s trip to the Big House on Thanksgiving weekend.

No surprise here. Had the Wolverines defeated Ohio State last year, they would have gone on to the Big Ten title game and possibly the College Football Playoff.