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ESPN Picks The Winners Of The Top Week 1 Games

Here's who the FPI likes in Week 1's biggest games.

We're a month away from the first Saturday of the 2017 college football season.

We get a big game before that first Saturday, too, with Ohio State traveling to Indiana to open Big Ten play Week 1.

Here's who ESPN's Football Power Index likes to win the Week 1 games.

Ohio State at Indiana, Thursday, Aug. 31

Winner: Ohio State

Alabama vs. Florida State, Saturday, Sept. 2

Winner: Alabama

Florida vs. Michigan, Saturday, Sept. 2

Winner: Florida

Virginia Tech vs. WVU, Sunday, Sept. 3

Winner: Virginia Tech

LSU vs. BYU, Saturday, Sept. 2

Winner: LSU

Georgia Tech vs. Tennessee, Monday, Sept. 4

Winner: Tennessee

Texas A&M at UCLA, Sunday, Sept. 3

Winner: UCLA

Notre Dame vs. Temple, Saturday, Sept. 2

Winner: Notre Dame

A full Week 1 schedule can be found here.