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ESPN Predicts Kevin Sumlin Will Leave Texas A&M

The college football writer predicts the Aggies' coach will leave before getting fired.

How much longer is Kevin Sumlin going to be the head coach of Texas A&M's football program?

Not much longer, according to one ESPN college football analyst.

ESPN college football writer Mark Schlabach is predicting Sumlin will leave the Aggies before they get the chance to fire him.

From ESPN:

The Aggies will start 3-3, turning up the heat on Kevin Sumlin, but then they'll win five of their last six games to finish 8-4 and save his job. With signature victories over Florida and Auburn, Texas A&M will decide to keep Sumlin around for a seventh season. But Sumlin will get out of College Station while he can, landing another Power 5 job before AD Scott Woodward can fire him in 2018.

Where would Sumlin go?

There will certainly be some Power 5 jobs that open up, but will any of them be good enough for Sumlin to leave the Aggies? And if it is good enough, is that school going to be interested in hiring a coach presumably on the hot seat?

We'll see.