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ESPN Releases Its Initial "Bottom 10" Rankings

College football is back. In just a few days, Weeks 1 of the 2018 season kicks off with a handful of huge games with College Football Playoff implications.

With college football back, so too is ESPN's "Bottom 10." The list takes a look at the 10 worst teams, conferences, or head coaches throughout the course of the week.

Heading into the season, unveiled its new "Bottom 10."

  1. UTEP
  2. Rice
  3. Charlotte
  4. Kansas
  5. Big Ten
  6. San Jose State
  7. Liberty
  8. Oregon State
  9. Kent State
  10. Myrtle Beach

The Big Ten as a conference made an appearance thanks to its tumultuous offseason. Incidents at Michigan State, Ohio State and Maryland rocked the conference heading into the 2018 season.

Keep in mind, this isn't a ranking of the 10 "worst" teams in the sport. It is really the most embarrassing ones.

UTEP, which sat a No. 1 at the end of last season, failed to win a game in 2017. Four other teams failed to win more than one.

The "Bottom 10" is sure to feature numerous trainwrecks throughout the season.