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ESPN Releases Its New Top 10 After Week 5

Here's ESPN's new top 10 following Week 5.

Week 5 is in the books.

The fifth week of the 2017 college football season has been wrapped up. It saw a top five team, USC, going down on the road, and the country's top two teams, Alabama and Clemson, looking as good as ever.

Here's how ESPN is ranking things after Week 5:

  1. Clemson (5-0)
  2. Alabama (5-0)
  3. Oklahoma (4-0)
  4. Penn State (4-0)
  5. Washington (5-0)
  6. Georgia (5-0)
  7. Michigan (4-0)
  8. TCU (4-0)
  9. Ohio State (4-1)
  10. Washington State (5-0)

The Buckeyes being ahead of the Cougars following their upset win over USC is a little puzzling, though Urban Meyer's team appears to have turned it around a bit on offense after the loss to Oklahoma.

You can view the full top 25 here.