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ESPN Releases Statement On Employee Mike Wise Following 'Inappropriate' Tweets About Nick Saban

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The Worldwide Leader has officially commented.

Yesteday, writer Mike Wise from ESPN's The Undefeated took heat for a series of tweets featuring made-up quotes from Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

The quotes were meant to poke fun at Saban's tunnel vision related to football but one in particular on race relations caused a mini-uproar.

People thought it was real and began criticizing Saban, which led to Wise deleting the tweets and apologizing.

This was the tweet in question.

Mike Wise's fake tweet about Nick Saban.

ESPN put out a statement today regarding Wise, calling his tweets "inappropriate" and "a clear violation of our journalistic standards."

The statement added that Wise has been disciplined, but did not say how.

Yesterday, Mike Wise posted inappropriate tweets about Nick Saban. The tweets were a clear violation of our journalistic standards. Mike has been disciplined. Putting imaginary words in the name of anyone we cover is unacceptable.

Clearly, Wise was out of line, and he was right to clarify what happened and apologize.

ESPN seems to have handled the manner internally.