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ESPN Says 4 Teams Have A Chance To Win Every Game On Their Schedule

These four teams will be the favorite in every game they play this season.

ESPN's "Football Power Index" updated on Wednesday. The new FPI includes projected win-loss records, the odds of going undefeated, predicted conference champions and predictions for every game on a team's schedule.

There are only four teams in the country who have a better than 50 percent chance to win every game on their schedule.

The four teams:

  • Ohio State
  • Wisconsin
  • South Florida
  • Alabama
4 college football teams are favorited in every game this season.

Ohio State and Alabama are unsurprising picks, and South Florida has a decent schedule and is projected to be a potential breakout team this season, but Wisconsin seems to be the team that doesn't belong on this list. The Badgers should be good as always, but the idea of them going undefeated is tough to grasp. The schedule is clearly set up for that to be a possibility, though.

Who are you picking to go unbeaten this season?