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ESPN: The 7 Teams With The Most "Hype" Entering 2018

A promo for the College Football Playoff on ESPN.

Here are seven of the most-hyped teams entering the 2018 season.

The 2017 season is nearly at its end, with just a title game between Alabama and Georgia standing between us and the 2018 offseason. With that in mind, ESPN wrote about the seven teams with the most hype surrounding the program entering this offseason cycle.

The article includes several caveats, however, as none of the College Football Playoff contestants were allowed in. Neither was Ohio State, nor Michigan. Also excluded was every first-year head coach, as there is always hype surrounding programs in the first year of their new head coach: think Scott Frost at Nebraska.

With those caveats aside, here are the seven teams facing the most hype this offseason.

  • Miami
  • Michigan State
  • Wisconsin
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Auburn
  • FAU

The hype surrounding FAU has nothing to do with the football team and everything to do with Lane Kiffin, who turned the program into an offensive juggernaut in just one season.

Michigan State bounced back from a disastrous 2016 season in which the Spartans finished 3-9. A seven-win turnaround in 2017 no doubt will lead to hype, especially as most of the team returns for the 2018 season.

Can Sparty contend for a Big Ten East title with the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State? It won't be easy, but Mark Dantonio has done an impressive job without elite talent before.

Will these seven teams live up to the hype in 2018? Are any missing from the list that should definitely be included?

You can read ESPN's reasoning for each team here.