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ESPN: USC Is Being Overrated By Vegas

The Worldwide Leader's computer says the Trojans are overrated.

ESPN thinks USC is being overrated.

ESPN's computer does, anyway.

The FPI's projections for the Trojans, a likely preseason top 10 team, do not correspond to what others are projecting for Clay Helton's team.

From ESPN:

Vegas win total: 10.5 (-150 under) | FPI Projected Wins: 8.92

FPI sees USC as the 12th-best team in the country, including what it considers the 17th-strongest offense. At first glance, that seems like a pessimistic take on the offense, given that last season Darnold had the third-best Total QBR in the nation at 84.8. Additionally, had the Trojans' offense played the entire season as well as it did after Darnold took over, USC would have had the second-most efficient offense in college football (it was the 12th-most efficient offense in 2016 when accounting for the entire season).

You can view the FPI's full projections here.