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ESPN Would Reportedly Love To Sign Nick Saban After His Contract With Alabama Is Up

Nick Saban screaming on the field for Alabama.


ESPN would reportedly love to sign Nick Saban as an analyst.

Alabama fans love Nick Saban. Why wouldn't they? Since Saban took over the team ten years ago, the Crimson Tide have won four national titles and 114 games.

But someone might love Saban even more than Alabama fans, and no, we're not talking about his family.

According to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, ESPN would love to sign Saban when his contract with Alabama expires.

Now, ESPN will have to wait a while to get Saban, who just signed a contract extension with the Crimson Tide through 2024.

Here's how much Saban will make every year until his contract with Alabama expires:

  • $7.125 million in 2018, including a $400,000 contract-year completion payment.
  • $7.525 million in 2019 and again in 2020, including contract-year completion payments of $800,000.
  • $10.325 million in 2021, including a contract-year completion payment of $3.6 million.
  • $7.125 million in each of the deal’s final three years, during which each contract-completion payment is scheduled to be $400,000.

Saban will be 73 at the end of his contract with Alabama -- well beyond the typical retirement age in the United States. Of course, coaches can continue their careers well into their 70's -- just look at Bill Snyder at Kansas State and Bobby Bowden at Florida State.

It'll be interesting to see how ESPN has changed in the meantime.