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ESPN's 'College GameDay' Staff Makes Week 3 Picks

The picks are in.

ESPN's College GameDay staff has made its predictions for today's slate of college football games.

The show broadcasted live from Louisville this morning, where No. 3 Clemson is set to take on No. 14 Louisville tonight.

The crew picked that game, along with the other tilts scheduled for Saturday.

Here's who they're picking to win.

No. 3 Clemson vs. No. 14 Louisville:

Desmond Howard: Louisville

Kirk Herbstreit: No Pick (Calling the game)

Lee Corso: Louisville

Rick Potino: Louisville

No. 23 Tennessee vs. No. 24 Florida:

Desmond Howard: Tennessee

Kirk Herbstreit: Tennessee

Lee Corso: Florida

Rick Potino: Tennessee

No. 9 Oklahoma State vs. Pitt:

Desmond Howard: Oklahoma State

Kirk Herbstreit: Oklahoma State

Lee Corso: Oklahoma State

Rick Potino: Oklahoma State

No. 12 LSU vs. Mississippi State:

Desmond Howard: LSU

Kirk Herbstreit: Miss State

Lee Corso: LSU

Rick Potino: LSU

No. 4 USC vs. Texas:

Desmond Howard: USC

Kirk Herbstreit: USC

Lee Corso: USC

Rick Potino: USC

Kentucky vs. South Carolina:

Desmond Howard: South Carolina

Kirk Herbstreit: Kentucky

Lee Corso: South Carolina

Rick Potino: South Carolina

Notre Dame vs. Boston College:

Desmond Howard: Notre Dame

Kirk Herbstreit: Notre Dame

Lee Corso: Notre Dame

Rick Potino: Notre Dame

Oregon vs. Wyoming:

Desmond Howard: Oregon

Kirk Herbstreit: Oregon

Lee Corso: Oregon

Rick Potino: Oregon

No. 25 UCLA vs. Memphis:

Desmond Howard: UCLA

Kirk Herbstreit: Memphis

Lee Corso: UCLA

Rick Potino: Memphis

No. 19 Stanford vs. San Diego State:

Desmond Howard: Stanford

Kirk Herbstreit: Stanford

Lee Corso: Stanford

Rick Potino: Stanford

No. 18 Kansas State vs. Vanderbilt:

Desmond Howard: Vanderbilt

Kirk Herbstreit: Vanderbilt

Lee Corso: Kansas State

Rick Potino: Vanderbilt