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ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ Staff Makes Week 9 Picks

College GameDay's staff made their picks, per usual, ahead of week nine of the 2017 college football season.

Week nine of the 2017 college football season features a number of huge matchups, including Penn State vs. Ohio State, West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State, Notre Dame vs. NC State and Florida vs. Georgia.

Let's take a look at what College GameDay's staff - broadcasting from Columbus - picked just before Noon. Columbus legend Jack Nicklaus joined the show as its celebrity guest picker.

No. 2 Penn State vs. No. 6 Ohio State

Desmond Howard: Ohio State

Jack Nicklaus: Ohio State

Lee Corso: Ohio State

Kirk Herbstreit: Ohio State

No. 9 Notre Dame vs. No. 14 NC State

Desmond Howard: Notre Dame

Jack Nicklaus: Notre Dame

Lee Corso: Notre Dame

Kirk Herbstreit: Notre Dame

No. 11 Oklahoma State vs. No. 22 West Virginia

Desmond Howard: WVU

Jack Nicklaus: OK State

Lee Corso: OK State

Kirk Herbstreit: OK State

No. 4 TCU vs. No. 25 Iowa State

Desmond Howard: TCU

Jack Nicklaus: TCU

Lee Corso: Iowa State

Kirk Herbstreit: TCU

No. 7 Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

Desmond Howard: Clemson

Jack Nicklaus: Clemson

Lee Corso: Clemson

Kirk Herbstreit: No pick (calling the game)

Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M

Desmond Howard: A&M

Jack Nicklaus: A&M

Lee Corso: A&M

Kirk Herbstreit: A&M

No. 3 Georgia vs. Florida

Desmond Howard: Georgia

Jack Nicklaus: Georgia

Lee Corso: Georgia

Kirk Herbstreit: Georgia

No. 15 Washington State vs. Arizona

Desmond Howard: Arizona

Jack Nicklaus: Wazzu

Lee Corso: Arizona

Kirk Herbstreit: Arizona

No. 21 USC vs. Arizona State

Desmond Howard: USC

Jack Nicklaus: Arizona State

Lee Corso: Arizona State

Kirk Herbstreit: Arizona State

No. 16 Michigan State vs. Northwestern

Desmond Howard: Michigan State

Jack Nicklaus: Michigan State

Lee Corso: Michigan State

Kirk Herbstreit: Michigan State