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ESPN's David Pollack Revealed Stunning Personal News On College GameDay

College GameDay kicked off from Happy Valley on Saturday morning for the day's biggest matchup. No. 9 Penn State hosts No. 4 Ohio State in a game with major College Football Playoff implications.

During the show on Saturday morning, ESPN college football analyst David Pollack made a stunning announcement. The former Georgia football star hasn't eaten ice cream in 10 years.

That's right. With College GameDay in Happy Valley, Penn State brought out its famous ice cream from the Creamery, but Pollack didn't touch it.

It's one thing to swear off calories, it's another to turn away from one of the greatest desserts in the culinary industry. Who doesn't eat ice cream?

We understand lactose intolerance - but that's why they make dairy-free ice cream. Clearly Pollack has more fortitude than the rest of us.