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ESPN's Desmond Howard Says It's "Embarrassing" For 5-7 Team To Accept A Bowl Bid

With 40 bowl games on tap (41 if you count the College Football Playoff Championship), more than half of the 128 FBS teams will find themselves playing an extra game this year. In order to fill the 80-team quota, it's possible several 5-7 teams will be invited to bowl games, despite not having a .500 record, which had been a pre-requisite for bowl selection.

Naturally, some people aren't embracing this new reality, ESPN's Desmond Howard being one of them. Howard called it "embarrassing" for a 5-7 team to accept a bowl bid. 

">November 30, 2015

Does Howard have it right? It does seem like the amount of bowls is out of control, and if 5-7 teams are able to qualify, does it render the regular season meaningless?

Some things to ponder.