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ESPN's FPI Thinks Ohio State Will Be College Football's Best Team

The Buckeyes will be the best team in the country this season, per the FPI.

ESPN's "Football Power Index" updated today. The FPI now includes projected win-loss records, projected conference champions, percent chance of going undefeated and more.

One team stands above the rest in these rankings.

Ohio State is the country's No. 1 team heading into the season, according to the FPI.

The Buckeyes have:

  • The No. 1 overall rating in the FPI of 29.0, more than 3 points higher than the No. 2 team (Alabama at 25.9)
  • A projected final record of 12-1
  • A 32.8 percent chance of going undefeated
  • A 69 percent chance to win the Big Ten

Ohio State's undefeated probability is the stat that jumps out the most. No other team even has a 10 percent chance of going undefeated, per the FPI. The next-closest teams are Alabama at 9.1 percent and Oklahoma at 7.3 percent.

The Buckeyes open the 2017 season on Thursday, Aug. 31 at Indiana. ESPN's FPI gives Urban Meyer's team a 95.7 percent chance to win that game.