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ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit Reveals His College Football Playoff Prediction

Kirk Herbstreit on the set of college gameday.

Kirk Herbstreit.

College football is nearly here. The 2018 season kicks off in just over a week, which means one thing: it's prediction time.

Every major analyst will predict the next college football champion, Heisman Trophy-winner, and other bold predictions. On Tuesday, it was Kirk Herbstreit's turn.

The College GameDay analyst spoke with USA Today to reveal his best team, surprise team, Heisman winner, and College Football Playoff foursome. Herbie didn't go out on a limb too much as he selected with Alabama and Clemson.

However, he did make one prediction that will turn some heads. Herbie likes the Nittany Lions to get out of the Big Ten and into the playoff. The Washington Huskies will join Penn State, Alabama, and Clemson.

I’m going to go Alabama and Clemson … just, like, put them in. And then I’m going to go Penn State and Washington.

Herbie then picked his champion. No surprise here, the College GameDay legend thinks Nick Saban will earn his sixth title at Alabama.

If those are the four, then it’ll be ‘Bama and probably Washington, and Clemson and Penn State. I’m just trying to go with anybody but Alabama and Clemson, but I think it’s going to be Alabama and Clemson. And I think Alabama is going to beat Clemson in what, round four now?

Alabama again? The Crimson Tide will be a popular pick once again - especially if Tua Tagovailoa lives up to the hype he's been getting since the title game victory over Georgia.

You can read Herbie's full predictions here.