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ESPN's Paul Finebaum Makes A Bold Prediction For Urban Meyer

paul finebaum talks about urban meyer on espn

Urban Meyer remains the head coach of Ohio State's football program heading into the 2018 season, though the Buckeyes' leader is suspended for the first three games of the year. He'll return to the sideline Week 4.

Despite the punishment situation being wrapped up in Columbus, many still have questions about the future of Meyer as Ohio State's head coach.

Among those people: Paul Finebaum.

The ESPN college football analyst actually doesn't see Meyer sticking around at Ohio State for much longer.

Finebaum appeared on WJOX 94.5 FM on Monday and said he doesn't think Meyer will be coaching the Buckeyes in 2019.

“I’ve thought a lot about this,” Finebaum said, per 247Sports' Brad Crawford. “And you can look and interpret and say whatever you want, but I’ve come to at least an opinion on Urban Meyer that this will be his last season at Ohio State. I just don’t know how much longer this can go on, and I say that because I strongly believe his credibility has been shattered.

"The relationship with his athletic director has been fractured, and it was pretty easy to read the body language the other night that the school president wants nothing to do with him as well. Even though I would say Ohio State fans would easily rank among the most sick of fan in college football, slowly, I believe they will bail on him as well. Then, it will touch recruiting. We’ve seen Urban’s past when he’s under the gun, he bails.”

Brett McMurphy, the college football reporter who broke several of the Urban Meyer-Zach Smith-Ohio State stories, also feels this way.

"I would be stunned if Urban Meyer coaches (at Ohio State) after the end of this season. He had heart issues at Florida. Now he has a memory problem? He has no problem remember to text a recruit at midnight, he has no problem with what play to call on fourth and 1 against Michigan.

I’ll take it at face value, all Urban Meyer has demonstrated over the years is that he has a problem telling the truth," McMurphy said last week.

Ohio State, meanwhile, is set to open its season on Sept. 1 against Oregon State.