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ESPN's Paul Finebaum Reacts To The New Urban Meyer Interview

urban meyer opens up in new interview with espn

ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum has reacted to the latest interview with Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, whose three-game suspension has come to an end. Finebaum didn't hold back.

Meyer spoke exclusively to ESPN's Tom Rinaldi about his suspension and everything that went into it. More details can be seen here.

Finebaum was asked on SportsCenter about Meyer's interview and his current reputation.

“I think his credibility outside of the bubble of Columbus, Ohio is still shattered,” Finebaum said on ESPN. “I don’t think many people around the country buy or believe much of what he has said. Having said that, I do know college football fans. He has possibly the second-best team in the country. Once he gets out there, the majority of fans will push all of this away and start wondering is this team good enough to challenge Alabama? I know this sounds basic. If you’re concerned about Courtney Smith, which I am and a lot of people are, this may nauseate to a certain level. But that’s the business and nature of college football.”

Finebaum did think it was evident that Meyer had listened to people around him. He handled questions better than he did at his original press conference.

"He went from being obstinate, denying everything, being defiant to, bit by bit, this is now the fourth iteration of his apology tour that he is now trying to fit his answers to what the criticism has been. My belief is this. He still doesn’t believe Courtney Smith. He apologized to her, literally, with a gun to his head. I don’t think he really wanted to. If you watch every version of what he has said, he’s still the same person. He’s calmed down. He’s not fighting everyone around him. He knows there’s a football team that he has to get to where he returns as a full-time coach. No doing Sunday through Friday. He answered a lot of very-difficult questions with parse answers.”

Meyer and the Buckeyes are set to return to Columbus on Saturday. Ohio State is hosting Tulane at Ohio Stadium.