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ESPN's Paul Finebaum Updates His Prediction For Urban Meyer

paul finebaum talks about urban meyer on espn

ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum was highly critical of Ohio State and Urban Meyer today in regards to some of the latest revelations in the saga that has encompassed the program over the last month or so.

Ohio State confirmed today that Texas head coach Tom Herman, a former Buckeyes' assistant, was the other coach with Zach Smith at a strip club in Florida.

Finebaum trashed Ohio State for being "petty" and confirming that it was Herman.

“The fact that Ohio State released this shows the pettiness of this school trying to assassinate the character of Tom Herman, who has absolutely nothing to do with Urban Meyer,” Finebaum said on First Take. “Frankly, I think Urban Meyer owes Tom Herman the national championship because if Herman was not on that staff and if he hadn’t dealt with Cardale Jones the way he did after the first two quarterbacks were injured, I’m not sure Urban Meyer would have that national championship at Ohio State.”

Finebaum then was asked about his prediction for Meyer. He said on Monday that he doesn't believe Meyer will be coaching at Ohio State past 2018.

The ESPN analyst stands by that.

“I happen to believe, and that’s just an opinion and that’s all we have right now, is that Urban Meyerhas been damaged by this a lot,” Finebaum said. “I think it will continue. I just don’t think you can repair the relationship.

"He may still have a great football team this season. In fact, he has enormous talent, as much as anyone including Alabama and Clemson, but can he overcome all of this? You saw the press conference a week ago tonight. He sat there with the AD and the president and the body language was just downright horrifying. I don’t think Urban Meyer is going to coach at Ohio State after this year. I think Urban Meyer will do what he’s always done with the pressure is thick. He’ll find a way to quit.”

Meyer is currently suspended for the first three games of the season. He's eligible to return to practice after Saturday and can start coaching in games Week 4.