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ESPN's Paul Finebaum Updates His Urban Meyer Prediction

paul finebaum talks about urban meyer on espn

Paul Finebaum has been quite outspoken about Urban Meyer since the Ohio State head coach was put on administrative leave and an investigation into his handling of the Zach Smith situation was started.

In the past, Finebaum has predicted that Ohio State will get rid of Urban. But with a decision likely coming by the end of the week, Finebaum has no changed his tune.

Speaking on 94.5 WJOX in Birmingham, Ala., this morning, Finebaum now says he anticipates that Meyer will survive and return to coaching at OSU.

“It has gotten so utterly confusing up there that I think all the he said she said favors Urban Meyer,” Finebaum said via 247Sports' Sam Hellman. “In the end, I think he will survive. I don’t think there’s an appetite at that university to get rid of one of the iconic coaches in modern college football history, and I’m not sure there’s enough credible evidence to do so. It’s a judgment decision the university will have to make and I think all signs point to Urban Meyer being reinstated either scot-free or with some penalty.”

Finebaum also delved into the report that emerged over the weekend from Jeff Snook, which alleged that former Meyer assistant and current Texas head coach Tom Herman was Brett McMurphy's source for the Zach Smith information. McMurphy, whose reporting on Smith led to where things stand now, has denied Herman tipped him off.

“I think it certainly clouds the picture a little bit,” Finebaum said. “If you’re going to take one side of the story literally, you have to look at the other side. Clearly, McMurphy’s reporting has come under vicious attack, and I don’t know enough right now to say whether this guy (Snook) is credible or not. I do think that there has been some absolutely, unbelievably bad reporting on all sides and I think that plays into it, when the situation is so confusing, it gives the university more of a green light to say, ‘listen, we have a mess here, we are going to rectify it by instituting all these things that universities normally do at a point like this.'”

You can listen to all of Finebaum's comments below.

It is interesting to see Finebaum changed his opinion on Meyer, but he isn't alone in thinking the longtime head coach is going to avoid being fired.

We'll know for sure in the coming days, as Ohio State announced on August 5 that the investigation would be wrapped up within two weeks.