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ESPN's Rece Davis Outlines ACC's 'Nightmare' Playoff Scenario

This is the worst-case scenario for the ACC.

With Clemson's loss to Syracuse last week, the Tigers showed that they aren't invincible. Once thought to be in the "Alabama Tier" of teams (population: Alabama), the Orange proved that the Tigers aren't without flaws.

And this has huge implications not only for the ACC, but for the College Football Playoff. If NC State—currently a one-loss team—manages to take down Clemson in Week 9, the Wolfpack would have a legit case to make the playoff, but would it be enough?

Maybe, but it would most likely just spell disaster for the ACC.

Rece Davis explained Tuesday:

"Two-loss NC State winning the league and being unbeaten in conference play with losses to South Carolina and Notre Dame would be a nightmare (for the ACC)," Davis said during Tuesday's Top 25 recap show on ESPN, per 247 Sports. "They’ve looked really good. (Defensive lineman) Bradley Chubb is having an All-American season. They’ve been great.”

It's all hypothetical at this point, but it would put the committee in a real jam if NC Stae wins the ACC. Would their résumé be enough to allow them to leapfrog several other legit teams (assuming the Wolfpack win out). Hard to say, and it's probably a question best saved until after the NC State-Clemson showdown.