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ESPN's Todd McShay Opens Up About Missing The NFL Draft

Todd McShay breaks down his first mock draft of 2019.


Todd McShay was not part of ESPN's 2020 NFL Draft coverage last month as the longtime analyst was fighting off COVID-19.

“I’m so sorry to tell you I won’t be working the NFL Draft this year,” he wrote on Twitter before the first round. “I’m home recovering from coronavirus.”

“I also want to assure you I’ll be back. Thanks to the tireless work of healthcare workers and first responders. You are truly our nation’s heroes.”

McShay has thankfully been recovering since. He appeared on Adam Schefter's podcast today to open up about missing the NFL Draft for the first time.

"It got really dark in the hospital," McShay said. "I knew the draft was going on and I couldn't watch it. I didn't watch the draft until Saturday night. I woke up late that night and there was a re-air and I started watching it then because I knew it was over. For whatever reason, I couldn't watch the draft knowing that I wasn't a part of it, wasn't on it, and I felt like I was letting everyone down."

McShay was very much missed on ESPN's NFL Draft this year, but his health is obviously much more important, and it's great to hear that he's doing better now.

We can't wait to watch McShay analyze picks at the NFL Draft in 2021.