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Ex-Tennessee QB's Father Apologizes For Controversial Comments About Tennessee Program

He walked back his comments big time.

Riley Ferguson has been the Memphis Tigers' starter since last fall after committing to Tennessee as a three-star quarterback out of high school.

Injuries forced him out of Tennessee, and on Tuesday, Ferguson's father suggested Riley made "the best decision of his life" to leave Tennessee. In a Facebook post, Ferguson's father called the Volunteers' program a "dumpster fire.

Wednesday morning, he walked back his statements.

Geoff Calkins of The Commercial Appeal reports Don has now apologized for his comments.

“I should have just said going to Memphis was the best decision of his life,” said Ferguson. “I should have left Tennessee out of it. They have enough things to worry about…I was heartbroken that he left. I was born in Tennessee. I tried everything I could do to try and get him to stay. But he just never really felt comfortable there. There was nothing I could do.

It’s water under the bridge. That fan base is one of the strongest in the country…I apologize to any fans I upset. I especially didn’t want to make things harder for Riley. I should have just said that Memphis has been great for him.”

Don is hardly the first Tennessee fan to show his displeasure with the current leadership, and it the team continues to struggle, the Vols could find themselves with a new coach sooner, rather than later.

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