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Ezekiel Elliott Speaks Out Against Players Skipping Bowl Games, Gets Criticized

Ezekiel Elliott is having an interesting day on Twitter.

Monday afternoon, in response to decisions by Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey to skip their respective bowl games, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who starred for Ohio State, took to Twitter to offer his take on the matter.

Elliott told his followers that he do "anything" to play with his former Ohio State teammates one more time. College football fans were quick to remind Elliott that he left school with one year of eligibility left. So, he could have played 12-15 more games for Ohio State if he had wanted to.

Elliott, after hearing the criticism, clarified his stance. He says there is a difference between not returning for your final season and not finishing your last season on campus.

Elliott may have a point - if you subscribe to the theory that players should finish out the season that they decided to start. But perhaps he would have been better sitting this one out.

Update: Elliott has completely walked back his tweet. He says he didn't know that Fournette and McCaffrey have been dealing with injuries this year.

We'll update this post if Elliott adds more.