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FanSided Announces It's Fired Its Editor-In-Chief After Mia Khalifa Controversy

FanSided announced Saturday morning that it has fired its Editor-in-Chief Jim Cavan.

Brace yourselves, sports fans - this is one of the more bizarre stories you'll read this week.

FanSided, which is owned by Time Inc., is one of the largest sports blogs in the world. Earlier this year, it launched a column dedicated to former porn star Mia Khalifa's thoughts on the NFL each week - titled Mia Khalifa's Pick 6.

Thursday, a FanSided "writer" named Burt Gertson got into a somewhat inappropriate public spat with Khalifa over Twitter, which made headlines across the country. Gertson, it turns out, was not a real writer for the site, despite what its Editor-in-Chief initially claimed. Instead, it was a parody account, which the site claimed was meant to be satirical.

FanSided, in a number of tweets, suggested that the entire back-and-forth between Khalifa and the fictional Gertson was planned from the start. Later, it deleted the account.

But Saturday, after a number of the publication's writers expressed disappointment, FanSided announced that it had fired its Editor-in-Chief, Jim Cavan.

Dear Fans and Readers,

Since founding FanSided in 2009, we have listened to the pulse of the fan. We’ve kept listening, while working tirelessly to cultivate a voice that represents those enthusiastic fans in a professional manner.

Recently, we published an article which failed to represent our commitment to both that voice and our professionalism. The article, entitled “Series of Tubes: Khalifa Madness,” was an ill-conceived attempt at satire. We apologize to those we offended and assure you that this is not reflective of what our organization stands for. It does not represent the network of amazing people and properties that make FanSided truly unique.

After careful consideration, the employment of’s Editor-in-Chief has been terminated.

We can only hope you look at our long track record of passionate yet professional content and continue to trust and enjoy all FanSided has to offer.


The FanSided Management Team

Cavan had been hired back in August. He came over from The Cauldron.

It's hard to know the exact reasoning regarding FanSided's decision, but something obviously went wrong here. We'll see if there is further fallout.

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