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Watch: FAU Player Drops Ball Short Of Goal-Line And Celebrates TD, TD Call Gets Reversed

FAU player John Franklin lets go of ball before goal line.

This seems to happen way too often.

With a minute left to go, up 41-17 versus North Texas, FAU, for whatever reason, was still running plays and not kneeling the ball.

Then, karma decided to take over. FAU wide receiver John Franklin III broke off for a 68-yard gain with no one between him and the end zone, but in the spirit of DeSean Jackson, he prematurely dropped the ball and proceeded to celebrate what he believed to be a touchdown.

Check it out:

Not great!

The touchdown was subsequently reversed and instead ruled a touchback in favor of North Texas.

The moral of the story? If you're going to run up the score, you gotta at least finish the play!