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Florida Columnist Continues To Trash Urban Meyer

He is really never going to let this go.

Mike Bianchi, a sports columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, hates Urban Meyer.

We know this because he writes, "Speaking of sports, how about that guy Urban Meyer? He's the worst, right?" in every single column he publishes, no matter the topic.

Take, for example, his latest column, a story about Gene Chizik, who resigned from North Carolina's football program to spend more time with his family.

The headline for that column: "Unlike Urban Meyer, Gene Chizik really is a coach who quit to spend more time with his family."

The story includes things like this:

How many times have we rolled our eyes over the years at possessed, obsessed football coaches like Urban Meyer who tell us with straight faces how important it is to spend time with their families?

You can read the full column on the Orlando Sentinel's website. Or not.