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Florida State's Mascot Was Thrown Off His Horse Ahead Of The Orange Bowl

Florida State mascot falls off horse.

Florida State's mascot had a tough go of it before the Orange Bowl kicked off.

For those unaware, it's tradition for Florida State's mascot, Chief Osceola, to plant his spear at midfield while riding his horse, named Renegade, ahead of home games. Friday night, he attempted to do just that, but ran into some problems.

Specifically, Renegade was not cooperating. Chief Osceola was flung off of his horse and onto the ground. He still planted the spear, but it was a much different scene. Check it out, via ESPN's Danny Kanell:

Will it spell a disaster for Florida State against Michigan? Not so far - the Wolverines lead 10-3 near the end of the first quarter.