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Football World Is Saddened By ESPN's Bowl Game Decision

A generic picture of three footballs next to a pylon

Pour one out for the Frisco Football Classic, which will not be played in 2022. 

The bowl game, which was created last year in order to accommodate an extra bowl eligible team, is not needed this year, as not enough programs reached bowl eligibility. 

"There is some sad bowl news today: w/out enough 6 win teams to add another bowl, ESPN will not create a 2nd annual Frisco Football Classic this season, 'according to a document obtained' by @ActionNetworkHQ," reported Action Network's Brett McMurphy. 

Miami (Ohio) won the first--and so far only--Frisco Football Classic in 2021, beating North Texas. With McMurphy's report now out there, the college football world is mourning the "loss" of the bowl--sort of.

"Damn. No regard for tradition in this sport anymore," one man said.

"Pour one out for the 'create-a-bowl,'" another added.

"Catastrophe," one person said succinctly.

"If Army wins next week, we could have had the Frisco Football Classic return with Army vs. Appalachian State, but apparently, that's too much to ask," noted another person.

"Congratulations to the Miami RedHawks on remaining the defending Frisco Football Classic champions for another year," joked SBNation's official MAC blog.

"NOT THE FRISCO FOOTBALL CLASSIC," yet another person lamented.

Perhaps the Frisco Football Classic will be back in 2023.