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Football World Reacts To Joel Klatt's Controversial CFB Realignment Take

Joel Klatt speaks during a Fox Sports event.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 07: Reggie Bush, Joel Klatt and Kevin Burkhardt of Fox Sports speak during the Fox segment of the 2019 Summer TCA Press Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 7, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images) *** Reggie Bush; Joel Klatt; Kevin Burkhardt

Joel Klatt - who just so happens to work for Fox Sports, the very network controlling most of the major decisions in college football right now - has a pretty controversial take about conference realignment. 

Klatt believes all of the conference changes occurring in the sport is a good thing in the long term. 

"It is incredibly hard to see right now, in particular if you're team is outside SEC or Big 10, but the long term outlook for fans is a good one...We will look back on these times as the moves that shaped a better post-season, more quality non-con games, & stronger governance," he said on Twitter. 

Well played, Joel. Did Fox tell you to say that?

"Lol of course the guy that works for FOX says that since they are helping to drive the realignment," a fan replied.

"You are so wrong. We will look back at this as the end of what made college football unique and set it apart from NFL," another fan wrote.

Klatt could be right if this all leads to an expanded playoff. 

"Does an expanded playoff follow? It will only be good if access to the playoff is still available to most schools," one fan said. 

Does Klatt make a strong argument or is simply pushing an agenda for Fox?