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Football World Reacts To Troubling Hazing Players News

A closeup of two footballs on the grass.

EAST BERNARD, TEXAS - AUGUST 28: Footballs are seen on the turf before the high school football game between the East Bernard Brahmas and the Edna Cowboys on August 28, 2020 in East Bernard, Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Troubling allegations of hazing have surfaced against a high school football program.

More than 20 Texas high school students have been suspended following allegations of hazing involving football players and cheerleaders.

It does not sound good.

From Fox News:

The Alamo Heights Police Department is investigating after 21 students were suspended at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas stemming from a hazing incident that sent one student to the emergency room with skin burns to his lower body, KENS-TV reported this week.

The football players were reportedly initiating new players onto the varsity team as part of a school tradition that involved hot sauce, cookies, and lap dances.


The quote is even more troubling.

"The senior boys did an initiation, where they went out to the baseball fields and made the younger players put cookies dipped in hot sauce between their butt cheeks," a source told KENS-TV. "Then, they had to race each other, and if any of the cookies fell out the person would have to eat it. They made them do this in an open space completely naked."

There have been multiple troubling stories of hazing involving high school football players in recent days.

Hazing remains terrible.

"Hazing in all forms in high schools should be outlawed!" one fan wrote.

"We're still doing this?" another fan added.

Get rid of hazing in all forms.