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Former Iowa Player Offers Insight Into Why Team Lost Eno Benjamin Commitment

Former Iowa wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos took to Twitter and addressed Eno Benjamin and the Hawkeyes' recruiting.

Eno Benjamin, a four-star running back out of Texas, announced his decommitment from Iowa in October and former Hawkeyes wideout Derrell Johnson-Koulianos weighed in on the entire situation.

Johnson-Koulianos didn't hold back in talking about head coach Kirk Ferentz.

"Eno much like myself, probably had no prior knowledge of Kirk Ferentz and the type of people he likes in his program. Eno was unaware that his social media antics was grinding Kirk's gears before ever stepping onto campus. The captain prefers blue-collared guys who say little and work hard."

The former Hawkeye also wrote about his time at Iowa saying he was "a cancer to the program" before giving his opinion on how Eno may have panned out for the Hawkeyes.

"Eno may have had a great career at Iowa and never gave the Iowa coaches any grief but him bringing attention [to] himself the way he did combined with being dishonest about his visits after committing to Iowa served as a major red flag and valid reason to pull his scholly."

This message from Johnson-Koulianos comes a day after three-star wide receiver Gavin Holmes decommitted from the program citing Eno in his announcement.

Johnson-Koulianos is no stranger to going on Twitter rants about the Hawkeyes and Ferentz as he went on a complete tirade back in 2013.