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Former Nebraska Coach Calls Big Ten Coach A 'Clown'

Former Nebraska defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski ripped Indiana head coach Tom Allen ahead of Saturday's Big Ten matchup. 

Appearing on Hail Varsity Radio, Kaczenski called it "absolutely critical" for the Cornhuskers to defeat the Hoosiers. 

"Let’s be honest, Tom Allen, is there a bigger clown in college football than that guy?" Kaczenski said. "For the love of god, we cannot lose to Indiana. We can't."

Kaczenski had an odd justification for his animosity toward Allen.

"I don't like coaches that like running out of tunnels," he said. "I like the crowd. I love that stuff, right? But guess what? Nobody's there to see me run out the tunnel."

Kaczenski might not be the best judge of character. In 2015, he was arrested and charged with third-degree domestic assault

His wife claimed he split her forehead open by striking her with a picture frame. Kaczenski told police she fell into the picture.

After going 2-10 last season, Allen has led Indiana to a 3-1 start. Meanwhile, Nebraska fell to 1-3 after getting blown out by Oklahoma two weeks ago.

The Big Ten teams will clash Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET.