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Fox Sports Says Ohio State Is The 'Perfect' Team To Beat Alabama

Who can topple the Crimson Tide this season?

Alabama is undefeated and everyone's No. 1 team. The Crimson Tide will likely win the rest of their regular season games, blow out their SEC Championship Game opponent and enter the College Football Playoff 13-0 and the top seed.

Which team has the best chance of beating Nick Saban's goliath?

Fox Sports has named the "perfect" team to beat the Crimson Tide. It's not Clemson. Or Michigan. Or Washington.

It's Ohio State.

From Fox Sports:

Are the 2016 Buckeyes on the level of their 2014 predecessors? Not yet. But that team, like many of Meyer’s, was a lot better by the postseason than it was for much of the regular season.

Ohio State will have to knock off Michigan on Nov. 26 to even have a chance to possibly match up with Alabama. If they can get there, though, they have three key ingredients for that matchup – an elite coach, elite recruits and a dynamic dual-threat QB.

It’s a pretty simple formula.

In fact, it’s Alabama’s.

An Alabama-Ohio State College Football Playoff matchup would be pretty awesome. Sign us up.